Afro Vibes Festival 2014 Hague Program

Afro Vibes Festival: South African heroes and icons conquer five Dutch cities.

29 SEPTEMBER 2014, THU 9 OCT & FRI 10 OCT 2014 | 18H00 | WHOLE BUILDING NIEUWE REGENTES | € 15.00 SA 11 OCT 2014 | 20H30 | PAARD VAN TROJE | € 13.00
The program of Afrovibes 2014 is complete! The eleventh edition of the international festival takes place on 9th, 10th and 11th October in The Hague. The theme this year is 'Heroes and icons. With theatre, dance, hip hop, jazz, design and debate Afrovibes 2014 again presents the best of Southern Africa.

More than dance and theatre

Afrovibes is a national festival with the most unusual, interesting and striking African performances and theatre makers of this moment. Theatre De Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague presents four performances from the festival on two evenings: Rainbow Scars, Joya Mooi, Zuluboy & Joep Pelt and The Revivalists.

In Paard van Troje in The Hague there is a sizzling party with Dutch music band Kern Koppen, Badjekkah, Zuluboy and Jam de la Creme.


Thu 9 Oct, De Nieuwe Regentes:

Rainbow Scars // Mike van Graan, South Africa's most important playwright of the moment and director Lara Bye. Together they present a new play about the complexity of relationships in contemporary South Africa (English spoken).

Joya Mooi // Get enchanted by the voice and contemporary jazzy sounds of Joya!
Fringe Program: from 18h00 Photo exhibition by Tyler Dolan (South Africa) and at 19h30 an introduction to Rainbow Scars with playwright and journalists Mike van Graan.

Fri 10 Oct, De Nieuwe Regentes:

Zuluboy & Joep Pelt // For the second time the two fuse their styles of music at Afrovibes Festival with a new version of Mbaqanga: Soweto Soul music.

The Revivalists // Young theatre makers from The Netherlands, England and South Africa dive into major classical texts from European playwriting: The Bacchae of Euripides, Shakespeare's Othello, Mary Stuart by Schiller, The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov and An Enemy of the People by Ibsen to construct their own identity. Dutch actor Mandela Wee Wee (known from Gone with the Wind and Mogadishu): "The change that my character Lepage goes through I also see in my own life. He also changes from an underdog into a man who achieved more than he had ever imagined". (English spoken).

Fringe program: from 18h00 Photo exhibition by Tyler Dolan (South Africa), at 19h30 an introduction to The Revivalists and at 21h15 poetry with Becoming Another Becoming you.

Sa Oct 11 Paard van Troje:

Kern Koppen, Badjekkah and Zuluboy // Kern Koppen Badjekkah and Zuluboy will enter the stage for a fusion of rap, hip hop, soundscapes, jazz and afrobeat. Jam de la Creme will finish this sizzling evening.

More information: 06 17344854,

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    Lonneke Laurant

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About Afrovibes festival

Afrovibes is een jaarlijks festival van hedendaags theater, dans en muziek uit Zuidelijk Afrika. Het festival brengt opkomend en gevestigd Afrikaans talent naar Europa om een Europees publiek te ontmoeten. Het festival creëert de mogelijkheid voor een uitgebreide artistieke uitwisseling met kunstenaars in Europa. Theater, dans en muziek zijn de kerndisciplines van het festival. 

Vier dagen lang kan het publiek genieten van alle kwaliteit dat Zuidelijk Afrika te bieden heeft in theaters in Amsterdam (MCTheater, Bijlmer Parktheater), Utrecht (Rasa/ Stadsschouwburg), DenHaag (De Nieuwe Regentes, PaardvanTroje), Eindhoven (Parktheater) en Rotterdam (Maaspodium). Na 12 oktober gaat het festival 4 weken op tournee in Engeland langs 18 steden.